Insomnia assessment ashansiam February 20, 2022


For each question, please click on the response that best describes the current (within the last two weeks) severity of your insomnia problem


Insomnia assessment tool

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If you are from Sri Lanka, please select your province.

If you are from a foreign country, please select foreign country from the drop down

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Difficulty in falling asleep

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Difficulty in staying asleep

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Problem of waking up to early

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How satisfied are you with your current sleep pattern

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How noticeable to others do you think your sleep problem is in terms of impairing your quality of life

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How worried distressed are you by your current sleep problem

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To what extent do you consider your sleep problem to interfere with daily functioning (day time fatigue, mood change, inability to function during the day/work/chores/concentration/memory/mood)

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