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Suwa Ninda is an educational website for the general public on healthy sleep and sleep disorders with an emphasis on sleep related breathing disorders. This website is developed by the Sleep Assembly of the Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists.

This website mainly addresses the commonest cause of sleep disordered breathing which is obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). Each section has a video narration giving an outline of the content for those who prefer to “watch” than “read”. There are interactive tools to determine the ideal bedtime, how sleepy a person is and to calculate the risk of OSA.

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A key area in the diagnosis and management of OSA is the upper airway assessment and upper airway surgery. This is done by the ENT surgeons. (Consultant Otorhinolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons). The content area pertaining to these sections were developed by the College of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck surgeons.

In addition to OSA this website also gives an overview of the neurological diseases associated with sleep. These conditions are managed by our colleagues in neurology. We partnered with the Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists for the development of this content.

Dr. Chandimani Undugodage

MBBS, MD (Medicine), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Lon)
Chairperson, Sleep Assembly & President elect
Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists
Consultant Respiratory Physician & Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Medical Sciences
University of Sri Jayawardenapura

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the main sleep related breathing disorder seen worldwide affecting almost 1 billion of the population. In Sri Lanka 16.8 % of the population are at risk of having OSA. As respiratory physicians we see OSA frequently in our practice and sadly on most occasions patients come to us after developing OSA related complications such as a heart attack or a stroke and sometimes even after road traffic accident as a consequence of falling asleep at the wheel. Early recognition and treatment can prevent these complications. As such there is a dire need to educate the public on OSA. There are respiratory physicians in state sector hospitals across the country and most of the state sector hospitals have facilities to investigate for sleep related disorders; OSA can be easily diagnosed and treated. There is a lot that can be done.
The development of a webpage for the general public, was the brain child of Dr Amitha Fernando, Senior Consultant Respiratory Physician and a member of the sleep assembly. The webpage is written in an easy-to-understand simple language avoiding medical terms as much as possible. It is available in Sinhala, Tamil and English.
I sincerely hope “suwa ninda” webpage will pave the way to creating awareness on sleep disorders amongst the public.

About the Sleep Assembly, Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists

The Sleep Assembly of the Sri Lanka College of Pulmonologists was formed in 2020. The assembly is the main stakeholder of the college in matters pertaining to sleep related breathing disorders. All members of the assembly are consultant respiratory physicians


Dr. Chandimani Undugodage – Chairperson

Dr. Suntharalingam Rishikesavan – Convenor


Dr. Amitha Fernando

Dr. Manil Peiris

Dr. Mohamed Naim Noor Masaima

Dr. Nandika Harischandra

Dr. Aflah Sadikeen

Dr. Damith Rodrigo

Dr. Delisha Wadasinghe

Dr. Suharshi Silva

Dr. Samanmali Dalpathadu

Dr. Upul Pathirana

Dr. Riaz Mowjood

Dr. Muthulingam Athavan

Dr. Chatura Wirasinghe

Dr. N B Egodawela

Contributions to the web page

Webpage development

Dr. Ravin Ranawaka

Content development

Dr. Amitha Fernando

Dr. Chandimani Undugodage

Dr. Ruwanthi Jayasekera

Dr. Suntharalingam


Dr. Ravin Ranawaka


Dr. Gamini Pathirana

Dr. Sudath Gunasekera

Dr. Sunethra Senanayake

Dr. Janaka Waidyasekera


Dr. Daminda Domingoarachchi

Webpage Translations

Dr. Delisha Wadasinghe


Dr. Suntharalingam



Dr. K Laboshan


Video series

Dr. Dilshan Wijeweera

Dr. Rajmohan Rajramanan

Dr. Nithyavani Kandasamy

Dr. Kemalie Herath

Ms. Thapodha


Ms. Shivani Perera

Mr. Harith Wijerathne

Mr. Dinul Doluweera

Mrs. Chamini Preethika

Mr. Heshara Nethmika

Video recording

Mr. Manjula Bandara

Mrs Buddhinie Senevirathne

Mr DEH Kothalawala

Mr Nilantha Priyarathne

Images/drawings by

Mr. Trevine de Zilva

Theme music composed by

Dr. Ravin Ranawaka

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