Sleep enuresis ashansiam March 8, 2022

Sleep Enuresis

  • Sleep enuresis (SE) is condition where there is recurrent bed wetting during sleep going on for 3 months. This is seen in children after the age of 5 years.
  • It can be primary or secondary.
    • In primary SE there is recurrent involuntary bed wetting occurring at least twice a week during sleep after 5 years of age. These children never been consistently dry during sleep for 6 consecutive months.
    • If the involuntary voiding occurs in a child who have been dry for 6 consecutive months, it is called secondary SE.
    • Psychosocial problems are relatively rare cause of primary SE, but it can occur in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and also in children living in disorganized families.
    • Secondary SE more associated with significant psychosocial stress, such as parental divorce, physical or sexual abuse, or neglect. Chronic constipation and encopresis (fecal soiling) often occur in children with secondary SE.
  • If your child has these problems after 5 years of age, please see a specialist.
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